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Mountain Hardwear HyperLamina Torch 3°F

Zip Side

The Hyperlamina Torch 3 (degrees fahrenheit) is one of the highest performance synthetic bags on the market. Engineered to be the lightest and warmest synthetic bag on the available, the Hyperlamina series utilises thermally mapped insulation and a half-length centre zip to maximise efficiency and general insulation properties. Lamina™ construction welds the Thermal.Q® insulation to the shell and lining, eliminating the cold spots caused by traditional stitching. By mapping different insulation weights throughout the top of the bag MHW are able to concentrate warmth where you need it most – around your core and feet. Thermal efficiency is further optimised by a performance mummy-cut and face gasket.

What is Lamina Technology?
Maximising and maintaining loft is the true measure of synthetic sleeping bag design. Over time, all synthetic bags gradually lose loft due to stuff sack compression and general wear and tear. Designing a synthetic sleeping bag that would retain loft – and warmth – over the long haul became Mountain Hardwear's engineering challenge, and their welded Lamina construction was born. 

Why Weld?
Welding stabilises fill without sewing through the bag and pinching the insulation, thereby maximising warmth and loft. Offset welds on the top and bottom of the bag increase fill stability.

Comfort Rating: 3ºF / -16ºC


  • Insulation: Thermal.Q™
  • Bag Shell: 22D Dobby


  • Apparel Fit: Regular-Sleep Bags
  • Bag Shape: Performance Mummy Cut
  • Bag Loft: 15 cm
  • Bag Fill Weight: 1.38 kg


  • Engineered to be lightest and warmest synthetic bag available.
  • Proprietary welded Lamina™ construction enhances loft and eliminates cold spots
  • Zoned insulation maximizes warmth where it's needed most
  • Thermal.Q® insulation has outstanding compressibility and maintains excellent loft
  • Single #5 half length center zip with dual sliders minimizes weight and still allows for ventilation
  • Performance mummy cut is snug, reducing girth, weight, and bulk and maximizing thermal efficiency.
  • Ergonomic draft collar blocks the escape of heated air from inside the bag.
  • Comfort footbox follows natural foot position for maximum warmth and comfort
  • Ultralight shell is soft and highly wind resistant
  • Face gasket and tailored hood comfortably block drafts at the hood opening and seal in warmth
  • Sil-Nylon compression stuff sack and mesh storage sack included


  • Compressed Size: 22 x 46 cm
  • Max height of user: 183cm | Inside Length Regular: 198 cm
  • Manufacturer: Mountain Hardwear
  • Weight: 1.59kg


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