MSR Sweetwater Purifier System

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The MSR Sweetwater Purifier System is one of the most versatile and comprehensive water treatment systems available. It is both light, effective and easy to operate making it popular with a wide range of users.

This water filtration unit provides peace of mind against bacteria, protozoa and particulates via the systems 0.2 micron filter, whilst water born viruses are destroyed with addition of MSR's SweetWater Purifier Solution. Together they provide the most reliable water possible. It pumps easily with a 4:1 mechanical advantage, producing 1.25L per minute and can easily be cleaned in the field without tools to restore flow rates.

Effective against protozoa: Yes
Effective against bacteria: Yes
Effective against viruses: Yes
Effective against particulate: Yes
Effective against chemicals/toxins: Yes
Width: 5 cm
Filter media: Silica Depth Plus Sodium Hypochlorite
Filter pore size: 0.2 microns
Flow: 1 litres per min
Flow (strokes per liter): 75
Cartridge life: 750 litres
Field cleanable: Yes
Field maintainable: No
Mechanical advantage: Yes
Water Bottle Adapter: Yes
Cartridge replacement indicator: Yes
  • Manufacturer: MSR
  • Weight: 397g