Off the Wall DVD

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Filmed live in Llandudno in October 2010, this DVD packs a full-on two hours of the very best of Andy Kirkpatrick's tales and humour, as he takes you on a wild ride up El Cap in Yosemite National Park, California. Using words, images and film Andy dissects his obsession with this piece of rock, and the characters how have shared these climbs.

Off the Wall captures a unique evening that is both side splitting, revealing and thought provoking.

Following on from When Hell Freezes over, this DVD was filmed at the beginning of my thirty two date tour! Hence it’s a lot longer then shows that came later (as can be seen by the running time), which is probably good if you can pause it and go to the toilet.

This version differs a little from the normal show and dons’t feature the grand finale of Captain Kirk talking about climbing El Cap.

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