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Petzl Ascension Right Hand


The Petzl Ascension Right Hand is the most simple and commonly used right handed ascender, and is highly effective for getting up static lines. 

Available in both left and right handed versions, the Petzl Ascension features an efficient and comfortable handle that allows you to have a powerful grip, even when wearing gloves and when pulling with either one or two hands. It also features a wide lower hole for easily attaching two carabiners for use with a lanyard and foot loop.

The Ascension will grip ropes in all conditions, even on ice and mud encrusted ropes with the help of a self-cleaning cam. The teeth are thin so that they pass between the fibres of the rope sheath without causing damage and these spikes are angled downwards so that when ascending, there is minimal wear on the rope and a smoother action is applied.


  • Ergonomic moulded handle allows a comfortable yet powerful grip
  • Wide opening allows the handle to be easily grasped, even with thick gloves.
  • Ergonomic upper part to maximise power when pulling with two hands
  • Safety catch is totally integrated into the body of the ascender to help prevent snagging
  • Toothed cam with self-cleaning slot optimises performance under any conditions (frozen or dirty ropes)
  • Wide lower hole allows the carabiners of the CONNECT ADJUST lanyard and FOOTAPE or FOOTCORD footloop to be easily attached
  • Upper hole for clipping a carabiner around the rope


  • Handled: Yes
  • Manufacturer: Petzl
  • Weight: 165g


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