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Petzl Laser Speed Ice Screw 17cm (2019)


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The Petzl Laser Speed Ice Screw 17cm is part of the revamped ice protection range from Petzl Charlet. Utilising improved materials for increased strength, weight saving and overall durability, as well as a number of design refinements, the Petzl Laser Speed is on a par with the best fix cranked ice screws available.

Design refinements include a new flexi-crank, which is now both lighter and features an improved angle position and neater design, making it both easier and quicker to place, when compared with other similar screws. The hanger has been made neater without decreasing the size of the hole, making it easier to place to full depth on well featured ice. Using a more modern hot forging technique Petzl have also been able to increase the strength of the screw whilst decreasing the overall weight. Finally, thanks to a neat little modification to the screw teeth (the patented 'Sharpening Reserve' it is now much easier to sharpen these ice screws.

Integrated flexible crank provides an optimised lever, making it quicker and easier to place a screw
Colour-Coded cranks make for easy identification
Stronger and more durable due improved manufacturing and tough steel tubing
Smaller hanger to facilitate screwing into well featured ice
Easier to sharpen thanks to a revised tooth design.


  • Weight: 143g