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Rab Poly Cotton Standard Liner


The classic liner for Youth Hostels. The Cotton Standard sleeping bag Liner is a highly adaptable liner which will work with any sleeping bag or on its own with blankets or a duvet. While the standard rectangular shape is not as efficient in technical mummy-shaped sleeping bags it is more versatile for using in YHA’s and hostels where a sheet liner is compulsory. Cotton sleeping bag liners are heavier than silk sleeping bag liners but they are more durable and practical for repeated long term use and washing.


Sleeping bag liners significantly increase the insulation qualities of any sleeping bag by up to 5’C. Sleeping liners are also very useful for keeping your expensive down sleeping bag clean and in good condition over the long term. Washing a down bag is a long and difficult process so, anything you can do to avoid washing your sleeping bag is worthwhile. Down sleeping bags should have many years of life; by using a sleeping bag liner you can significantly extend the useful life of a sleeping bag.

Dimensions: 185cm x 92cm


  • Manufacturer: Rab
  • Material: Poly Cotton
  • Mpn: QAL-30
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Temp Rating: 3
  • Weight: 350g


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