Rock Climbing Atlas - S.E. Europe

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This Rock Climbing Atlas for South Eastern Europe will help you plan your next climbing trip. If you don’t know where to go want to experience some fantastic climbing in a country you’ve never thought of going to before - these new climbing guides offer comprehensive coverage of some great alternatives to the usual European climbing destinations.

South Eastern Europe covers Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania and Slovenia (all now easily reached by the budget airlines) while Greece & The Middle East covers Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. A general introduction to each country and then in more detail cover climbing area information, individual crag details, alternatives for rest days, good destinations for families and children plus any other information deemed useful for the visiting climber.


  • Guidebook country: OTHER
  • Guidebook isbn13: 9789078587019
  • Guidebook language: English
  • Guidebook numberofpages: 320
  • Guidebook pagesize: 150mm x 210mm
  • Guidebook publisheddate: 2006
  • Guidebook publisher: Rocks Unlimited
  • Guidebook region: OTHER
  • Manufacturer: Rocks Unlimited