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Rock + Run Accessory Cord 9mm (per metre)

Length: 1m
Colour: Yellow/Black

Light, strong and versatile, our accessory cord is made from nylon and has a high breaking strength. The thinner cords are ideal for replacing shoe laces, guy ropes and to strap on your chalk bags, whilst the thicker cords are great for making prusiks, anchoring and hauling. You can use it to tie up just about anything! 

NB: Accessory cord is for static loading situations only and is NOT to be used as climbing rope.

This product is sold per metre. Add the quantity you'd like to your cart to get a singular length (30 added to cart = 30m of cord).

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  • Weight: 58g / m
  • Breaking Strength: 19kN
  • Material: Polyamide

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