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Rock + Run

Rock + Run Campus Rung 25mm


Boost your ability with the tried and tested training routine of campusing or dead hanging, using a single or series of Rock + Run beech Campus Rungs.

For those of you unfamiliar with campusing, it is a simple exercise which utilises a slightly overhanging (20 degrees) wooden board and a series of wooden rungs, which are evenly spaced upwards. The idea of this apparatus is that you campus (footless climb) up the wooden rungs without using you feet- working both your arms and fingers hard!

Also a Great as Deadhang Rungs or Customised Fingerboard

These campus rungs can also be used as a cheaper, simpler alternative to a fingerboard. Simply screw either a single or multiple rungs (ideally three depths, stacked 3cm to 5cm apart) to a back board (slight wider and deeper than the rungs) and then fit as you would a mounted fingerboard. With these rungs this will cost you around half that of a similarly featured hangboard with the added bonus you can select the hold depths you desire.


  • Wood: high-quality kiln dried beech 
  • Edge depth: 25mm
  • Rung width: 500mm - wider than standard rungs for utilising a wider grip
  • Screw fixings (not included)
  • Laser etched logo
  • Made in Europe

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