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Rock + Run

Rock + Run Mini 1 (6-Pack Green)


Rock + Run Mini 1 accessory carabiners are very small, light and surprisingly strong pear shaped shaped wire gate krab, ideal for keys, chalk bags, dog leads etc.

6 Pack - Includes x6 green carabiners. 

Please note: Whilst this will take a static load of reasonable weight, it is NOT designed to be used for rock climbing, mountaineering or any sport where it is likely to encounter a large or dynamic load.


  • Gate Clearance mm: 14
  • Width Widest mm: 30
  • Length mm: 60
  • Material: Alloy
  • Weight: 8g (per biner)


      Trekking poles are some of the lightest available, engineered using the world's best alloy for pole sections!