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Salvatge Oest de Catalunya


The Salvatge Oest de Catalunya guidebook, whose title literally translates as "Catalunya's Wild West", covers an exciting and recently developed area in the sparsely populated western reaches of Catalunya, in North West Spain. The guide describes over 600 bolted routes spread across five different locations, each with its own special charm and character.

Areas include: Tartareu, Os de Balageur, Santa Linya, Alos de Balaguer and Santa Anna in the district of La Noguera (Catalunya/Catalonia (to Brits) and Aragon) just north of Leida in north-east Spain.

There are English translations throughout.

Illustrations: Colour photos and drawn topos
Weight: 260g


  • Country: Spain
  • ISBN10: 8460994643
  • ISBN13: 9788460994640
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 148
  • Published Date: 2006
  • Publisher: Supercrac
  • Region: OTHER
  • Manufacturer: Super Crack


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