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Schweiz Plaisir Alpin


The Schweiz Plaisir Alpin guidebook is another great guide in the popular Schweiz Plaisir series, this time covering all aspects of mountaineering in the Swiss Alps.

This book provides the reader with all the information necessary for seriously planning and successfully carrying out an alpine tour of any one or more of the 60 alpine tours of Southern Switzerland listed in the guide. The guide gives invaluable info on equipment, conditions, dangers, huts and timescales all displayed in an easy to use, well laid out series of maps, topos, symbols and text. The guide is written in German French & English.

Peaks covered include: Aiguille du Tour, Petit Fourche, Mont Blanc de Cheillon, La Luette, Aiguille de la Tsa, Tête Blanche, Bishorn, Breithorn, Rimpfishhorn, Balfrin, Ulrichshorn, Nadelhorn, Allinhorn, Lagginhorn, Weissmeis, Stellinhorn, Wasenhorn, Monte Leone, Ofenhorn, Blinnenhorn, Les Diablerets, Wildhorn, Wildstrubel, Steghorn, Balmhorn, Rinderhorn, Morgenhorn, Wildi Frau, Tscgingelhorn, Dossen, Hangendgletscherhorn, Oberaarhorn, Diechterhorn, Galenstock, Tiefenstock, Muttenhorn, Sustenhorn, Gwätchenhorn, Voder.


  • Country: Switzerland
  • ISBN13: 9783906087313
  • Language: English,French,German
  • Pages: 240
  • Published Date: 2005
  • Publisher: Filidor
  • Region: Alps
  • Manufacturer: Filidor


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