Slackline Tools Clip 'n Slack 15m Kit


Slackline further with this classic set for ratchet fans – convenient tightening is provided by two high quality Slack-Ratchets CL, specifically developed by Slackline tools.

The Slackline Tools Clip 'n Slack 15m set is a superb kit for recreational slackliners who like the ratchet set-up. Quick to set-up and featuring everything you need to slackline and prevent damage to your anchor points, the Clip 'n Slack set offers high quality components and will provide years of entertainment.

Why buy a Slackline Tools slackline?

Unlike most brands who make slack lines, Slackline Tools are a company entirely dedicated to the design, development and construction of slacklines. Each line incorporates bespoke components which have been constructed for the purpose and from the highest quality materials, whereas many other lines available use generic webbings and ratchets sourced from other sectors.

Thus when you buy a Slackline Tools kit you know the line and components will all be of the highest quality available!

15m Slackline-Tools webbing "Classic"
2 Adjustable tree-slings (max. length 2,5 m) with Steel-Ring und Slack-Biner
2 Slack-Ratchet CL
2 Slack-Ratchet Protections
4 Tree-Friends (anchor point protection)
Cotton Slack-Bag
User's guide

Tensioning: Slack-Ratchet CL (ratchet)
Slackline-webbing: "Classic" (polyester, 30mm width)
Made in Germany

Breaking strength of system: 2000 daN
Elasticity at breaking point of slackline-webbing: 13%
Elasticity of slackline-webbing in normal use: until 600daN max. 5%

Type: Slacklines