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Snap Board Fingerboard


The Snap Board is a minimalist, CNC routed, fingerboard, machined from an aesthetic and extremely tactile piece of high-grade tropical hardwood.

Ideal for those climbers looking for a low profile fingerboard that won't compromise the internal decor of your home, the Snap Board offers a decent set of grips for its size and volume: x2 positive edges (approx 18mm deep), x2 sloping edges (approx 18mm deep), x2 larger incuts (approx 25mm deep) and x2 large chamfered edges (approx 25mm deep).

Each of the four hold types has a symmetrical partner allowing for symmetric systems training (such as 'repeaters') and simple dead-hanging.

Combined with multiple boards, the Snap Board can also be used in a campus setup, to make for a more interesting and inclusive climbing training platform.

500mm x 90mm x 30mm


  • x2 positive edges (approx 16mm deep)
  • x2 sloping edges (approx 16mm deep)
  • x2 larger incuts (approx 30mm deep)
  • x2 large chamfered edges (approx 30mm deep) 

Includes fixings:
 x6 65mm Philips head screws


  • Size: 500m x 90mm x 30mm
  • Manufacturer: Snap
  • Material: Wood


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