Snap Campus Rung Size 2

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Snap's Campus Rung series is available in two sizes and, as with the fingerboard, is made from a high quality tropical hardwood, which is both kind to the skin and pleasing on the eye.

Snap's Campus Rungs can be used either way up; with one side being a flat edge and the reverse side incut - for use on steeper boards. Each rung is 400mm in length and is available in two different sizes:

Size 1 = 20mm depth
Size 2 = 30mm depth

Whilst primarily designed for campus use, these Snap Rungs can also be used individually as a basic fingerboarding rail, ideal for those on a budget or with limited space.

Tip: a single large campus rung is ideal for use in combination with an elite level fingerboard such as the Beastmaker 2000 - i.e. for warming up.

Fixings supplied.

Type: Campus Rung