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Snap Grand Wrap (Mint Sauce)


Like the Wrap, only bigger. The Snap Grand Wrap is a large taco style bouldering crash pad, which combines standard foam (as seen in most other pads) and air-cell mechanics. This system is then encapsulated in a burley ballistic Nylon outer.

On first encounters, the Snap Grand Wrap seems pretty soft, spongy and malleable, which makes it comfortable to carry as well as good at shaping to the given terrain. However, the 'air-cubes' - PU foam separated into cells, which reside below a sheet of standard 20mm closed cell foam, come into their own when the faller starts coming in from greater heights: put simply, as the impact force increases the cubes dispel air less quickly and thus provide a harder more reassuring landing surface.

The Grand Wrap uses a taco design, so no hinges to slip through and twist your ankle, whilst the rucksack harness straps use a Velcro attachment so they can be removed easily if required. As stated above, the landing zone is a tough ballistic Nylon and the underside is a non-slip rubberised fabric, which is both waterproof and tough. Finally, the pad is topped off with three carrying handles, three Velcro closure straps and, as with all Snap pads, a carpet SNAP logo to clean your feet pre-send.

Overall, the Snap Grand Wrap is ideal for those looking for a large sized top end all-round pad or even better for highball addicts.


  • Taco Style pad
  • Seamless edges
  • Adaptive cushioning: depending of the height of faller
  • Shoulder straps stay off the floor and are easy to detach
  • Rubberised base that is easy to clean and won't absorb water
  • Carpet logo to clean rock shoes
  • Sturdy Velcro closure straps
  • Internal secret pocket

Colour: Mint Sauce (as shown)


  • Fold: Taco
  • Removable Straps: Yes
  • Colour: Green
  • Length: 150cm
  • Manufacturer: Snap

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