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SOTO Muka Stove Windscreen & Heat-Reflective Sheet


The Soto Muka Stove Windscreen and Heat-Reflective Sheet contains a foldable, lightweight aluminium wind screen and heat-reflective sheet designed to increase significantly the efficiency of your Muka camping stove and other stoves of a similar design.

The Soto Windscreen and Heat-Reflective Sheet are extremely useful accessories to your Soto Muka Stove, protecting the gas flame from the wind and focusing the heat onto the bottom of the pan sitting on top of your stove. The Windscreen and Sheet are versatile and long-lasting and will progressively save you their value in fuel. That means less spent on fuel and less time hanging around for your water to boil and your food to cook.

Used with the Soto Stove, the Windscreen and Heat-Reflective Sheet will allow you to travel further and in more extreme conditions and still have an efficient stove come rain, wind or snow.


Muka Pro windscreen
Heat-reflective sheet


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