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Sterling Ropes

Sterling Evolution Aero 9.2mm x 70m


The Sterling Evolution Aero 9.2mm x 70m is a skinny and light, sending sport climbing rope with smooth handling. 

The Aero is the lightest weight single rope in the Evolution Series. Balancing a durable, tough sheath with a new lighter weight core construction, the result is a sending rope with softer handling. 

The sheath and core construction of Evolution ropes are engineered for the ideal balance of low impact force, lightweight, and high fall ratings, all of which make these climbing ropes incredibly durable. The smooth sheath produces less drag through gear and over rock, allowing for an easier clip. 

Sterling DryCore
The core yarns of all dynamic Sterling climbing ropes have been treated to reduce moisture absorption and yarn-on-yarn abrasion. Sterling have tested ropes with and without their DryCore treatment and have found that the DryCore ropes maintained their strength characteristics and had less elongation than non DryCore ropes when wet.


  • Type: Single
  • Diameter mm: 9.2
  • Treatment: Sterling Dry
  • Static Elongation %: 7.7
  • Dynamic Elongation %: 33.4
  • UIAA Falls: 7
  • Impact Force kN: 8.5
  • Sheath Slippage mm: 0
  • Proportion of Sheath %: 38
  • Weight Per Meter: 52g


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