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Sterling Ropes

Sterling Fusion Nano IX DRY 9mm x 60m


The Sterling Fusion Nano IX DRY 9mm x 60m is a dry treated, mega versatile, triple rated climbing rope that can be used for sport, ice or mixed climbing. 

Great for hard red-point attempts and alpine touring/glacier travel, the Fusion Nanon IX has a super low weight, making it easy for one person to carry and also offering the benefit of having one single rope for when a belay is needed on a vertical section. Sterling's superb dry treatment is applied to each and every fibre within both the sheath and core, making for unbeatable water repellency, dirt pick-up and lower impact forces.

Sterling DryCore
The core yarns of all dynamic Sterling climbing ropes have been treated to reduce moisture absorption and yarn-on-yarn abrasion. Sterling have tested ropes with and without their DryCore treatment and have found that the DryCore ropes maintained their strength characteristics and had less elongation than non DryCore ropes when wet.

Dry Treatment
Alongside the DryCore the Nano Dry has also had its sheath treated. This protects the rope from water absorption which eliminates weight increase, risk of freezing in cold weather, and slows the wearing of the rope considerably.

NOTE: Due to the Nano's small diameter, it is recommended that it only be used by experienced climbers and belayers and NOT for top-roping or working of routes. It is critical that proper belay devices be used and extreme caution should be taken. 


  • Type: Half | Single | Twin
  • Diameter mm: 9.
  • Treatment: Sterling DryCore
  • Static Elongation %: 7.0 (Half) | 7.0 (Single) | 3.6 (Twin)
  • Dynamic Elongation %: 33.1 (Half) | 27.6 (Single) | 25.3 (Twin)
  • UIAA Falls: 6 (Half) | 15 (Single) | 20 (Twin)
  • Impact Force kN: 8.5 (Half) | 6.6 (Single) | 10.4(Twin)
  • Sheath Slippage mm: 0
  • Proportion of Sheath %: 36
  • Weight Per Meter: 52g


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