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Sterling Photon 7.8mm x 70m Dry


The Sterling Fusion Photon is Sterling’s first half climbing rope that is also certified as a twin. It was manufactured to have a perfect balance of diameter to weight.

The Photon was designed to round out the Fusion series as a performance half rope. With a diameter of 7.8mm and weighing only 41 grams per meter, the Photon is small and light, making rope drag less of a concern over long pitches.


Brand: Sterling
Type: Half, Twin
Diameter: 7.8mm
Treatment: Sterling DryXP
UIAA Falls: 5 (Half), 16 (Twin)
Static Elongation: 11.7% (Half), 6.5% (Twin)
Impact Force: 5.6kN (Half) | 8.7kN (Twin)
Weight per Meter: 41g
Dynamic Elongation: 35.3% (Half), 32.3% (Twin)
Proportion of Sheath: 45%


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