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Terra Nova

Terra Nova Bothy 8


The Terra Nova Bothy Bag is a superbly versatile piece of emergency survival kit that will not only make your time out on the hills more comfortable (they're the best place to eat your sandwiches), but it might also save your life too. Bothy bags are increasingly used by mountain rescue teams, outdoor centres and youth groups as emergency shelters and should be always be in the bottom of your rucksack. They create a surprisingly warm and sheltered environment in use and are ideal for lunch stops or accidents.

Here's what Andy Kirkpatrick has to say:
"A Bothy Shelter/ Bothy Bag is the Number 1 Survival Tool. If you think a bivy bag alone will save your skin I'm afraid you may be sorely disappointed.... A bothy bag is cheaper, lighter and provides far more protection, both physically and psychologically and should be in the rucksack of every climber or walker in the UK (or stowed in a bum bag for rucksack-less multi pitch climbers). By grouping together you can share body heat, food, water and more importantly moral. Also a bothy bag is a very mobile shelter, and you may find that when the shit hits the fan, stopping for half an hour in the bag will allow you to sort yourself out enough to carry on (eat some food, double check the map, ring for a forecast)." *

*source: Andy Kirkpatrick's Doctor Gear: Bivy Bags vs. Bothy Bags (

Features (Bothy 8)
Packed Size: 30x14cm
Dimensions in use: W = 116cm, H = 104cm, L = 188cm
Person: 4 to 8
User range: Emergency Shelter for all Outdoor Activities
Warm and Windproof Shelter
Durable Waterproof Seats
Double clear vinyl windows
Roof Attachment Fits a Walking Pole Providing Support


  • Manufacturer: Terra Nova
  • People: 8
  • Dimensions: W = 116cm, H = 104cm, L = 188cm
  • Weight: 960g


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