The Bugaboos


Get your hands on the complete guide to the Canadian Bugaboo Spires and the Vowell Group with The Bugaboos - one of the World's Great Alpine Rockclimbing Centres by Chris Atkinson and Marc Piche. Located in Purcell Range of British Columbia, the Bugaboos represent a wonderland for climbing - 267 routes are described in this guide, complete with 200 images, photo- and line-topos, as well as maps - making it the premiere guide to this climb-laden region.


  • Follow authors Chris Atkinson and Marc Piche in their descriptions of over 267 climbs that they describe in detail with over 200 images including photos, topos, and maps


  • Guidebook country: Canada
  • Guidebook isbn10: 0973303514
  • Guidebook language: English
  • Guidebook numberofpages: 360
  • Guidebook publisher: Elaho Press
  • Guidebook region: OTHER
  • Manufacturer: Elaho