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Thermarest Prolite Womens


The Thermarest Prolite Women's is the most compact self-inflating mattress available and now features Thermarest's exclusive Atmos™ Foam to further reduce weight and boost compressibility. Self-inflation keeps set-up super-easy and its specially patterned diagonally cut air channels add warmth in the hips, torso and foot area for cold sleepers. It's ideal for high-mileage, high-speed journeys where every gram counts. Stuff sack included.

Atmos™ Foam
Atmos™ foam provides outstanding loft while also maximising compressibility and minimising weight. The secret is in the manufacturing process. Foam is typically produced in open containers where chemicals and "foaming" agents are mixed. This causes a reaction in which air bubbles get captured in the material as it changes from a liquid into a foam.

Atmos™ foam goes through this same process but in an atmospherically-controlled chamber, in nearly weightless conditions, netting two key benefits. First, this allows the foam to rise unhindered by the weight of the liquid itself, resulting in a much higher and uniform distribution of air cells, absent of dense areas that can add weight and compromise performance. Second, 100% of the gases resulting from the reaction can be captured and filtered before it is released back into the atmosphere, making this the cleanest foaming process in the world. More comfort for you, less harm to the environment for everyone, and it's manufactured in the USA.

Material Specs:
Top fabric type: 50d mini Hex Rip Polyester
Bottom fabric type: 50d mini Hex Rip Polyester


  • Compressed Size: 28 x 10 cm
  • Length: 168cm
  • Width (at widest point): 51cm
  • Thickness: 2.5cm
  • Manufacturer: Thermarest
  • Temperature: -17 to +16


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