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Tinos Bloc


The Tinos Bloc bouldering guidebook is the guide to Tinos - the new bouldering paradise in the Aegean Sea!

Tinos is a 20sqkm island boulderfield offering endless possibilities. The guide contains around 600 problems in 16 sectors mostly marked with coloured arrows, and covers just a tiny part of what could turn out to be an international destination.

Due to it's Mediterranean location, Tinos' premier season (i.e. high friction bouldering in cold conditions) is the winter months. When you're not climbing Tinos offers boat excursions, diving, swimming, restaurants - the whole holiday program. This guidebook Tinos-Bloc is brought to you by the now well established authors Karsten Oelze and Harald Roker, and is an indispensable companion for your journey.

Published: March 2008
Kreativity (Fb8b) Tinos Greece from RockRun on Vimeo.


  • Country: Greece
  • ISBN13: 9783938680070
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 2008
  • Region: OTHER
  • Manufacturer: Gebro Verlag


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