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Tjugo Pa Kjuge DVD


Bouldering in Scandinavia's best known area. Problems from Fnt5 to Fnt8a on superb glacial granite blocks.

Kjuge Kull is often considered Scandinavia's Fontainebleau not only for the number and quaility of the problems but also for the beautiful setting. With the film featuring many problems from Fnt5 to Fnt8A there is something for everyone in this well shot movie. "Tjugo Pa Kjuge" roughly translated means Twenty From Kjuge and will be the first full length film for the area the problems are climbed by a selection of Scandanavian beasts as well as the local crowd.

Well worth checking out as this could be the next Magic Wood or Cresciano! Members of the Rock + Run team have been and say it compares very well to the Alpine bouldering regions which have become popular in the last few years.


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