Totem Basic Cams-0.95 (Red)


Aliens are back - and even better! The Totem Basic Cam design is based on the much loved CCH Alien, except with a few small improvements which should make it more durable and even smoother. The Totem Basic cams are brilliant for intermediate to high level trad climbing as well as aiding/big walling.

Internal cam springs for a narrow head width.
Sheath trigger system for maximum stem flexibility. The lower sheath is covered by an outer sheath for durability, as well as to allow rotation over an edge.
Soft 6061-T6 aluminium cam lobes for excellent ‘bite’.
Trigger wires attach directly to the cam lobes resulting in a very smooth action.
New rounded lobe edges result in better rock contact.
CE certified and individually proof tested.

  • Camstops: No
  • Extendable Sling: No
  • Manufacturer: Totem
  • Cam Set: Individual
  • Weight: 56g to 78g

Type: Cams