Wild Country Astro Quickdraw Trad 5-Pack


A superb DEAL price on a 5-pack of mixed length Wild Country quickdraws, perfect for trad climbing. Includes 1/15cm, 2/10cm 2/20cm Wild Country Astro quickdraws.

Wild Country's lightest carabiner and when two are used with Wild Country's lightest sling you have a quickdraw that weighs less than many screwgates. While the Astro is smaller than most carabiners, it is still a very usable size. Combined with light 10mm Dyneema and Tadpole karabiner holders you have a very practical package that allows you to push your grade without compromising safety. The two karabiners are anodised different colours to ensure that your rope never runs over any nicks or burrs caused by bolts or wires. This multi-pack gives you cutting edge technology at a very reasonable price.

  • Very light and compact
  • I-beam back
  • Hot forged
  • Tech Wire gate
  • Hooded nose
  • Vice locator
  • Manufacturer: Wild Country
  • Betastick Compatible: Yes
  • Crag Gate Clearance mm: 24
  • Crab Length mm: 8.8
  • Crab Strength Closed kN: 24
  • Crab Strength Minor Axis kN: 7
  • Crab Gate Open Strength kN: 7
  • Crab Width mm: 5.1
  • Sling Strength kN: 22
  • Sling Width mm: 10

Type: Quickdraws