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Wild Country Rock 9-14 Set


Nuts (or wires) make the backbone of any climbing rack. Wild Country Rocks are a very popular choice for your first set or for those looking to double up on sizes if you already use different nuts.

The nuts are curved and are tapered to maximise the potential placement opportunities and can be placed side or face on. The shape of the Wild Country Rocks is relatively straightforward in design, keeping things simple and efficient when placing them on a route. 

In a relatively recent update to the Wild Country Rocks, additional sizes have been added to the range going up to a size 14 rock. These large nut sizes are ideal for winter climbing, where passive protection is preferred, or for those looking for a cheaper alternative to cams when starting out, or even as an alternative to smaller hexes.

Other notable points are that the larger sizes (7 up) have been hollowed out in aid to keeping the weight down. The are all anodized and the colour is matched on the swagging to aid the correct size selection, again to aid efficient gear placement.

Overall you can't go wrong with a set of Wild Country Rocks on your rack.


  • Manufacturer: Wild Country
  • Mpn: 12RWASET9-14
  • Weight: 463g


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