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Wild Country Rockcentrics-8

Size Guide
Wild Country Rockcentrics

Wild Country Rockcentrics

Number Colour Size - Width x Depth (mm) Strength (kN) Weight (g)
3 Gold 31 x 24 to 25 14 34
4 Silver 36 x 28 to 30 14 43
5 Green 41 x 33 to 35 14 54
6 Red 48 x 38 to 41 14 69
7 Gold 55 x 45 to 48 14 91
8 Blue 64 x 52 to 55 14 118
9 Violet 73 x 61 to 64 14 156

In this age of ever more complex protection devices, Wild Country has gone back to the future and created an elegant and very practical piece of passive crack protection. A simple piece of lateral thinking in hindsight Rockcentrics are a hybrid of a hex and climbing nut (rock) shape.

Beautifully made from HE30 alloy into thin wall extrusions Rockcentrics are fitted with 12 mm Dyneema sewn slings making them fantastically lightweight. For the traditionalist Rockcentrics will also be available unslung and drilled to take 8 mm accessory cord.

Each Rockcentric can be placed in four different orientations and the opposing convex and concave curved faces insure stability whichever position is chosen. Rockcentrics have tapered and angled side faces making side on placements in flared shallow cracks possible. Rockcentrics have been praised by climbers for their speed of placement light weight and versatility. They provide a lightweight and affordable alternative for protecting big cracks whether aspirant or expert climber. A mixed rack of Friends Rocks and Rockcentrics proving to be the perfect solution on crag or alpine routes in the summer or winter - 3-Sigma rated.


  • Manufacturer: Wild Country
  • Mpn: 12RCDA080
  • Weight: 34g to 156g


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