Wild Country Superlight Rocks-2


Superlight Rocks are another breakthrough innovation by Wild Country. These brilliantly versatile climbing nuts utilise two existing technologies: the extrusion from the bestselling Rock with the soldered sleeve from the Zeros to create a light hybrid unit. Designed to complement any rack by combining extreme light weight with a wide range of placements; their reduced width means they will fit in places where current wider nuts won't and grab shallow placements and pinscars brilliantly - 3-Sigma rated.

Aimed at: All climbers who wish to extend their rack with some versatile light nuts. But may appeal most to big wallers Alpinists and hardcore 'trad' climbers more desperate than anyone else to shave weight. 

Placements: Superlight Rocks have a big advantage over many other small nuts in that as they are cut from 'Rock' extrusion they are ideal to be placed exactly as you would place a normal Rock. This takes advantage of the curved sides for grip OR their side tapers make them ideal for getting extra hold in pinscars and other shallow slots. 

Weight Saving: For those who want to shave weight from their rack the Superlights weigh in at 90grams for 6 instead of 164grams for a normal Rock 1 -6 a saving of around 45% - not to be sniffed at in this day and age.

  • Manufacturer: Wild Country
  • Weight: 10g to 22g

Type: Nut