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Wild Country

Wild Country Wildwire Quickdraw 20cm


The Wild Country Wildwire Quickdraw 20cm is a strong, light and superb value for money climbing quickdraw, great for all-round use. 

The Wildwire 2 carabiners are sleek, slim, light and strong. Two of the top selling Wildwire carabiners are connected with a 12mm dyneema. The I beam back, hooded nose and leaner profile, together with the dyneema sling make these an excellent quickdraw for all climbing disciplines. 


  • 3 lengths available, 10cm, 15cm and 20cm in 3 different colours allowing quick identification when racked
  • Hooded nose
  • Hot forged
  • Tech wiregate
  • I beam back
  • 12mm dyneema
  • Vice locator


    • BetastickEvo Compatible: Yes
    • Gate Clearance mm: 27
    • Gate Closed kN: 24
    • Gate Open kN: 10
    • Keylock: No
    • Krab Minor Axis kN: 7
    • Krab Length mm: 97
    • Krab Width mm: 58
    • Sling Strength kN: 22
    • Sling Length mm: 200
    • Sling Width mm: 12
    • Weight: 89g


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