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Yorkshire Grit Bouldering Vol 2


The Yorkshire Grit Bouldering Vol 2 is the second fantastic volume in the Yorkshire grit bouldering series, by Total Climbing.

The first volume Yorkshire Grit Vol 1 centred on all the major classic historical areas, such Almscliff, Brimham, Caley, Earl Crag etc. whilst this second volume is a guide to, for the most part, totally 'new' areas – in terms of being previously undocumented in guidebook form at least. In many ways this guide is a more interesting prospect for many potential users, as it will get you to crags you know little about or maybe haven’t even heard of!

Packed from cover to cover with great action shots, detailed maps and purveyed in an easy-to-use photo-topo format, this guide should have you salivating with the prospect of hitting the vast array of crags, buttresses, boulders and problems to choose from...

Crags included

  • Barden Fell: Simon's Seat, Lord's Seat & Hen Stones.
  • Barden Moor: Crookrise, Deer Gallows, Fairies Chest & Hellifield
  • Goldsborough
  • Guisecliff
  • Rhylstone
  • Thorn Crag
  • Brandrith
  • Calf Crag
  • Flasby Fell
  • Hunters Stones
  • Snowden Crags
  • Sypeland
  • Connoisseur’s Crags


  • Author: Steve Dunning & Ryan Plews
  • Country: England
  • ISBN10: 0955750814
  • ISBN13: 9780955750816
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 296
  • Page Size: 150 x 212 mm
  • Published Date: March 2011
  • Publisher: Total Climbing
  • Region: England - Yorkshire
  • Manufacturer: Total Climbing