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Wild Country Rock Set 1-10

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The Wild Country Rock Set 1-10 contains wires in sizes 1 to 10 from the original climbing nut range that offers solid protection for any level of climber.

Now lighter than ever before, the WC Rocks are curved and tapered to maximise the potential placement opportunities, and can be placed either side or face on. They are straightforward in design and easy to place when climbing, and the larger sizes (7 and up) have been hollowed out to further keep the weight down. 

Additional sizes have been added to the range and you can now get a whopping size 14. These larger sizes are ideal for winter climbing, for those looking for a cheaper alternative to cams, or even as an alternative to smaller hexes.

The full range are anodised for quick selection and the colour is matched on the swagging to aid efficient gear placement. Whether just starting out or a seasoned pro you can't go wrong with a set of Wild Country Rocks on your rack.


  • Manufacturer: Wild Country
  • Weight: 355g

Sizing Information

WC Anodised Rocks on Wire 1 - 10 Set
Number Colour




1 Violet 7.0mm x 13.0mm 7kN
2 Green 8.2mm x 13.8mm 9kN 25g
3 Silver 9.6mm x 14.5mm 10kN 28g
4 Gold 11.3mm x 15.3mm 10kN 30g
5 Blue 13.3mm x 16.8mm 10kN 32g
6 Red 15.6mm x 19.0mm 10kN 36g
7 Gun Metal 18.4mm x 21.2mm 10kN 38g
8 Turquoise 21.6mm x 24.0mm 10kN 41g
9 Gold 24.4mm x 27.7mm 10kN 49g
10 Silver 30.0mm x 31.0mm 10kN 60g


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