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Chalk Bags

Chalk bags are used in climbing to hold loose chalk or chalk balls, and are usually attached to either the climber or their harness so they can put their hands in for a covering of chalk whilst climbing.

The only real variance in chalk bags is the size and aesthetics, as well as maybe the odd feature difference. Most chalk bags are supplied with a brush loop, a belt strap and are closed with a drawstring to prevent spillage. Larger chalk bags are better for those with larger hands, summer climbing and for use on longer multi-pitch routes where more chalk might be needed.

There are also chalk buckets or bouldering buckets, which have been designed for boulderers, as they tend to have a larger surface area on the base to help prevent them from falling over and spilling the chalk out. Not massively important in the gym but when you're outside where there's rocky ground and wind, it can make a big difference to have a chalk bucket over a chalk bag for your chalk. It's also faster to cover both hands for the big send with a bucket full!

Shop for chalk bags from leading brands including 8BPlus, Moon and Organic Climbing from our collection below...

Moon Sport Chalk Bag £22.10 £26.00

Organic Large Chalk Bag £22.50 £25.00

8BPlus Lilly Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00
Petzl Sakab Chalk Bucket £27.90 £31.00
8BPlus Max Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00
8BPlus Jamie Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00
8BPlus Donald Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00

8BPlus Kelly Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00
8BPlus Manny Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00

8BPlus Charlie Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00

YY Panda Chalk Bag £21.60 £24.00

YY Cat Chalk Bag £21.60 £24.00

8BPlus Hanna Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00
8BPlus AJ Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00
8BPlus Ruben Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00

8BPlus Brad Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00

8BPlus Laurel Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00

8BPlus Alex Chalk Bag £26.95 £30.00