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Quickdraws are used to connect your rope to either your gear, or the bolts in a route when rock climbing. Also known as extenders, quicks or runners, they are make up of two carabiners connected by a sling.

Sport climbing quicks tend to have a short, thicker sling and two solid carabiners, trad climbing quicks tend to have thinner and longer slings and two wire gate carabiners, and there are hybrid versions that are made up of any variation of the above.

We stock a large range of climbing hardware from leading brands such as Black Diamond, DMM and Petzl for all styles of climbing. We have great value for money lines for entry level beginner climbers, and a high end performance range for where every gram and feature counts. Plus everything in-between!

Shop for quickdraws from leading brands including Black Diamond, DMM and Petzl from our collection below...

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DMM Alpha Sport Quickdraws de £22.95 £26.99

DMM Spectre Quickdraws de £15.30 £17.99

DMM Phantom Quickdraws de £17.95 £19.99

DMM Phantom Quickdraw Packs de £92.95 £115.99

DMM Shadow Quickdraw Packs de £110.50 £129.99
DMM Shadow Quickdraws de £19.55 £22.99