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Climbing fingerboards, also called hangboards, are training boards for climbing. Made from resin or wood, climbing training boards have a variety of holds and grips to imitate climbing.

Training on a fingerboard or hangboard allows you to isolate the fingers and train them specifically, developing strength for climbing. For improving your finger strength they really are the ultimate training tool. Improving your finger strength should not be underestimated, if you can't hang onto a hold you wont be able to move past it! There are many different variations of fingerboards, you get those that are fixed and some that free hang such as the rock rings, and some that come in the shape of a ball! All have their own unique benefits and it simply comes down to personal preference or training goals which, some, or all, you choose to train with.

Shop for fingerboards from leading brands including Beastmaker, Metolius and Moon from our collection below...

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27 reviews
Metolius Rock Rings £22.50 £45.00
12 reviews
Beastmaker 2000 £84.95 £95.00
7 reviews
Metolius Simulator 3D £83.95 £105.00
1 review
YY Climbing Balls de £19.20 £32.00
3 reviews
YY Mono £5.95 £10.00
YY Duo £8.95 £15.00
YY Penta £35.95 £60.00
1 review
26 reviews
Lattice Triple Rung £54.95 £65.00
1 review
YY Twin Cylinder de £22.50 £25.00
Moon Armstrong Fingerboard £108.00 £120.00
1 review
YY Rocky £44.95 £50.00
YY Gym Rings £29.95 £50.00
YY Travelboard £46.50 £55.00
Lattice Micros £28.95 £32.00
Lattice Mini Bar £26.95 £30.00
YY Cube £49.50 £55.00
20 reviews
1 review
3 reviews
YY Triangle Vendido