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Flashed Bert Brush

Option: Soft

The Flashed Bert Brush is a wooden climbing brush with a high density of bristles. Instead of sticking bristles in holes, Flashed have carved out the whole area in order to pack it full - leaving no free space.

Coming in a choice of either hard or soft stiffness, this brush is both large enough to easily clean a sloping hold and nimble enough to get right into the back of that pesky crimp. It's shaped ergonomic handle is also super strong to really get into that cleaning routine! 

Sold individually - either soft (light bristle), or stiff (dark bristle)


  • Bristles: Boar Hair
  • Shaft: Beech Wood handle
  • Brush head length: 8cm
  • Brush head width: 2cm
  • Hole for cord harness: Yes
  • Manufacturer: Flashed