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In Store Purchase By Appointment

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All Walking Poles and Accessories

Walking poles, also known as trekking poles are a great way to find your rhythm when walking. They assist your balance and reduce the impact on your joints. Many hikers, ramblers and walkers find them a great support whether roaming the local hills or taking on larger mountains or challenging terrain. A good pair of walking poles can help reduce knee pain and increase confidence on uneven ground.

We stock a wide range of men's and women's walking poles that can be used by any level of walker. We have a great value for money basic entry level line, and a high end, lightweight, performance range for situations where every gram counts.

Shop for walking poles and accessories from leading brands including Black Diamond and MSR from our collection below...

    MSR Dynalock Explore £93.50 £110.00
    MSR Dynalock Ascent Carbon £144.50 £170.00

    Black Diamond Distance Z £112.50 £125.00

    Black Diamond Distance FLZ £116.00 £145.00