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Technical socks can make a huge difference to the experiences you have outdoors. A bad blister can literally stop you in your tracks and overshadow a pleasant walking weekend. Outdoor adventures can be tough on the feet, and as with choosing the right footwear, its just as important to have the right socks. Technical socks offer additional cushioning and support, reduce moisture, minimise bacteria build up and help prevent blisters caused by skin on skin rubbing. There are different materials and varying designs for summer and winter hiking socks, running, biking and mountaineering socks and its important that you choose the right socks for you. 

These technical socks that can prevent blisters and provide protection when you are out doing the activities you love. We have liners that can be used when layering up in alpine environments and colder temperatures, a collection of hiking socks for all seasons, expedition socks for mountaineering and socks that can be used for running trails, biking and anything else you fancy! 

Shop for socks from leading brands including Darn Tough, Injinji and Lorpen from our collection below...

Lorpen Liner Coolmax £11.20 £16.00
Lorpen Trail Running Padded Eco from £16.95 £19.00