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Rucksacks, or backpacks, are essential for carrying your climbing gear and the more gear you are carrying, the bigger the rucksack you'll need! Whether you are just out for a walk and need a day pack for water or you're on a multi-day expedition that requires tons of stuff, it's important you have the right pack for both comfort and storage. 

Climbing rucksacks and mountaineering rucksacks can vary considerably, depending on what style of climbing you are doing and for how long. There are crag packs which open fully allowing you to access all of your gear, multi-pitch packs which are light, have gear loops, haul loops and helmet holders, technical mountaineering packs with ice tool attachments, crampon pouches, haul loops and minimal strapping, and bouldering packs that go over your shoulder to carry your shoes, chalk buckets and other bits and pieces. 

We stock a wide range of rucksacks, that can be used for climbing, hiking, trekking, walking, running, skiing, mountain biking, or even lifestyle bags to take your lunch to work! We have great value for money lines for those on a budget, and a high end performance range where every gram and feature counts. Plus everything in-between! Take a look at our collection below, call a member of our team for advice on what pack is best for you, and don't forget to check out our latest deal page too for money saving sale items...

Shop for rucksacks from leading brands including Black Diamond, Blue Ice and Deuter from our collection below...

DMM Short Haul 30L £62.95 £70.00

Moon Bouldering Bag £47.95 £60.00

DMM Zenith Pack £27.50 £55.00

DMM Flight £89.95 £100.00

Petzl Bug Backpack £43.95 £55.00

Blue Ice Helmet Holder £8.95 £12.00
Exped Typhoon 15 £47.95 £60.00

Exped Typhoon 25 £51.95 £65.00
Mammut Trion Nordwand 38 £123.50 £145.00

Black Diamond Creek 50 £135.95 £170.00
Black Diamond Creek 35 £120.00 £150.00

Moon Aerial Pack £95.95 £120.00

Deuter Guide 32+8 SL £136.00 £170.00

Blue Ice Dragonfly 26L £72.25 £85.00

Blue Ice Warthog 40L £140.00 £165.00
Black Diamond Pipe Dream 45 £104.00 £130.00
Deuter Guide 34+8 £124.00 £170.00

Deuter Guide 44+8 £144.00 £180.00

Blue Ice Chiru 32L £123.25 £145.00

Black Diamond Crag 40 de £79.95 £100.00
Deuter Freescape Pro 38+ SL £160.00 £200.00

Black Diamond Blitz 28 £89.25 £105.00

Deuter Guide 30 £112.00 £140.00

Blue Ice Firecrest 38L £132.00 £165.00

Deuter Guide 24 £95.95 £120.00

Deuter Vertrail 16 £120.00 £150.00

Deuter Ascender 13 £71.95 £90.00

Blue Ice Stache 90L £225.00 £250.00
Blue Ice Wadi 15L £71.95 £85.00
Blue Ice Chiru 25L £102.00 £120.00
Deuter Ascender 7 £63.98 £80.00