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DMM Micro Wallnut Set 00 - 0.75

The DMM Micro Wallnut Set 00 - 0.7 is a full set of the micro climbing nut range, which gives you 4 nuts that are able to fit into small cracks in friable rock. 

Designed with a large surface area to spread load and decrease the chance of rock failing, and featuring straight sides, these nifty little wires are a great alternative and addition to your micro-wire selection. The Micro Wallnut Set 00 - 0.7 also gives you a small saving on buying them individually. 


DMM Micro Wallnut 00
Gold 2kN 5g
DMM Micro Wallnut 0
Blue 2kN 6g
DMM Micro Wallnut 0.5
Red  4kN 9g
DMM Micro Wallnut 0.75
Grey 6kN 10g