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Lattice Mini Bar

Crafted from skin-friendly tulipwood, the Lattice Mini Bar features the same industry-standard 10mm and 20mm edges that you all know and love but in a small, portable format. Flip it over and find an ergonomic jug (or mini pinch if you prefer) that is great for gradual warm-ups at the crag, at home or whilst travelling.

An intuitive adjustment system lets you quickly switch between the different edges and modify the angle. It can be paired with a resistance band or carabiner for lifts, or clipped to a fixed point for hangs.

Sold individually, the Mini Bar can be utilised with lifting pins, door frame bars, pulleys, suspension systems, trees, bolts, nuts, slings, resistance bands... you name it. Whether you’re unable to find a fixed point for fingerboarding or you’re always struggling for a lightweight portable set-up, you’re going to love the Mini Bar.

Made in the UK.


  • Machined from industry-standard Tulip wood to exacting tolerances, each bar is checked and packed from the Lattice factory in the UK
  • 10mm and 20mm edges
  • Ergonomic Jug and mini pinch
  • Intuitive adjustments – adjust angles and switch between edges easily
  • Lightweight and Portable – coming in around 150g* and measures 15.5 cm long.
  • Skin-friendly – We use our industry-standard tulipwood for its straight grain, fine texture and soft feel
  • High-quality rope –  All Mini Bars are shipped with 1.5m of high-quality cord


  • 6 x 6 x 15cm
  • 200g

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