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Pembroke (Rockfax)

The Pembroke (Rockfax) guidebook is a selected climbing guide to the extensive climbing area of Pembroke in Wales. 

In 1995 the publishing of the Pembroke Rockfax guidebook caused quite a stir. It was the fifth Rockfax guide to be published but the first to an exclusively traditional climbing area, and the first to use full descriptions to accompany the detailed route topos. The book sold well for 10 years until it sold out in August 2005. This summer (August 2009) Rockfax have produced a new edition, using all the innovations that have been developed over the last 14 years.

Mike Robertson has co-authored it and contributed the majority of the all-important crag shots using techniques he developed in his award-winning book Deep Water. The book has been produced in the lavish style of the recent Lofoten El Chorro and Western Grit guides using huge photo-topos and full route descriptions.

Crags Included
North Coast:
Porth-Clais, Porth-y-Ffynnon, Initiation Slabs, Craig Caerfai, Carreg-y-Barcud

Range East:
Flimstone Bay, Crystal Slabs, Mosaic Wall, Mewsford, Crickmail, Triple Overhang Buttress, Blockhouse to Sitting Bull, The Castle, Rusty Walls, Misty Walls, Box Zawn, Saddle Head, Bosherston Head, Huntsman's Leap, Stennis Head, Stennis Ford, Chapel Point, Trevallen, St. Govan's, St. Govan's East.

Stackpole and Lydstep:
Mowing Word, Stackpole, Mother Carey's Kitchen.

The range and variety of routes and route grades in the guidebook are enough to keep any level of climber busy for years to come!

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  • Country: Wales
  • ISBN10: 1873341121
  • ISBN13: 9781873341124
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 230
  • Page Size: 150 x 210 mm
  • Published Date: Jul 2009
  • Publisher: Rockfax
  • Region: Wales - Pembroke
  • Manufacturer: Rockfax

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