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Rock + Run Praxis Fingerboard

The Rock + Run Praxis is a high quality wooden hangboard, developed specifically to allow almost any climber - from beginner to elite level - to engage in appropriate fingerboard training routines. 

The Praxis is made from a fine grained wood which is kinder on both your skin and the environment than a plastic alternative. Minor damage can also be sanded away, making the boards easy to maintain throughout their lifespan.

All Natural - one of a kind

As our boards are made from a single piece of natural wood, variances in colour and grain are likely. These features do not affect the performance or strength of the hangboards and add a unique quality to each and every product.


The Praxis is constructed from a fast-growing boxwood species, grown in either Asia or North America. It is both strong and well-suited to carving and turning, making it an excellent material for use in one-piece units such as fingerboards/hangboards. This species is not listed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species.


Training Plan


  • x2 Large Jugs
  • x2 30 Degree Slopers
  • x1 Central 20 Degree Sloper
  • x2 Medium 3 Finger Pockets (25mm)
  • x2 Medium 3 Finger Pockets (15mm)
  • x2 Deep 4 Finger Pockets (40mm)
  • x2 Deep 3 Finger Pockets (40mm)
  • x2 Deep 2 Finger Pockets (40mm)
  • x1 Central 4 Finger Pocket (40mm)
  • x2 Shallow Monos (20mm)
  • x2 Shallow 4 Finger Pockets (10mm)
  • x2 Shallow 3 Finger Pockets (10mm)
  • x1 Central 4 Finger Pocket (10mm) 

Fixings supplied

  • While we include plugs along with screws for direct wall mounting, we recommend fixing the Praxis to a backboard - this is more stable and gives you the option to add additional neighbouring edges or fixings for assisted pull-ups etc.


  • Width: 55cm, Height: 15cm, Depth: 5cm