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Rock+Run Praxis | Fingerboard Review

By Morgan Cvetkovic-Jones

The climbing scene is changing and constantly evolving but a few things have always and will always remain the same. Yosemite is still the best, Ondra is still the king, hypnotically coloured climbing tights still aren’t cool and fingerboarding is still the number one way to achieve strong fingers. With the Praxis fingerboard, it’s clear that the team at Rock+Run have called upon over 40 years of climbing, training and industry experience to develop the most comprehensive and complete fingerboard we have seen to date.

Using the Praxis

The Praxis nails it when it comes to the fundamental fingerboard components of edge size and hold variation. The sets of 40mm and 10mm pockets are the perfect depth combination to suit the widest range of climbing abilities and training styles with multiple widths for different amounts of fingers. For me, the 40mm holds are the ideal size for a finger warm up whilst the 10mm edges are my go-to for training at the limit. With two sloper angles, a couple of comfortable jugs and a set of 25mm and 15mm 3-finger pockets to provide even more choice, there’s plenty to go at on the Praxis. Not sure how to put this eclectic mixture of holds to use? Check out the free, in depth training plan specifically tailored for training on the Praxis. 

Despite many resin and textured plastic incarnations of the hangboard, wood still remains the most popular material option out there and with good reason. The quality of the Praxis’ fine-grained wooden construction is superb with each of the holds and edges proving incredibly comfortable to use with smooth, rounded edges. A particular positive when it comes to training on the Praxis is the unrivalled ability of wood to maximise training gains – the smooth texture of the wood, as opposed to textured plastic, isn’t just better on your skin but also demands you work that little bit harder to maintain your hang.

Living with the Praxis

Life with the Praxis is a dream. It’s hairless, won’t need much attention and is extremely cheap to run – all it needs is a light watering of sweat and psyche twice a week. The Praxis fits seamlessly into any training environment, whether this was my kitchen or at the boardroom, it was far kinder on the eye than any gaudily coloured plastic alternative. Its aesthetic and ergonomic design made installation easy although I’d recommend fitting it to a backboard rather than directly into the wall itself, this should be more stable whilst allowing the addition of other holds beside it. The Praxis is made from a fast-growing, sustainably sourced boxwood species which isn’t listed on any international threatened species lists. Living with the Praxis feels that bit nicer when you know it isn’t contributing to an environmental disaster or kicking any Orangutans out of their home.

Time for Praxis…

From first-time fingerboarder to pocket-pulling professional, the Praxis has everything you could ever need to train your fingers. With a clever design and a climate conscious construction, the Praxis has to be one of the best hangboard options currently available on the market. Looking for your first fingerboard? The Praxis won’t just be your first, it’ll probably be your last.

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