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Shoe Chalk - Climbing Shoe Cleaner

Shoe Chalk is a climbing shoe cleaner designed for athletes who want to maintain their shoes longer. This effective and convenient solution uses natural ingredients to quickly clean the inside and outside of climbing shoes, eliminating odours and dirt to keep them looking like new. For best results, we recommend using one Shoe Chalk block per shoe.

Sold Individually.

How to Clean Your Climbing Shoes:

Step 1:When your shoes start to smell, place a block in each shoe.

Step 2: Add some warm water (do not add hot or boiling water) this will activate the cleaner, giving them a good scrub with a brush and working it into all the nooks and crannies. Then let the shoe chalk block work its magic, leave for a few minutes and the foaming will loosen all the stink and grime.

Step 3: After 24hrs have passed, it's time to rinse your shoes thoroughly with warm water. Then leave them to air dry. Do not leave them next to a radiator or expose them to heat, leave them to dry naturally. Once dry, your shoes should look and smell great again!


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