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Fixe Zen Full Dry 8.1mm 60m

Rope Length: 60m
Colour: Green

The Fixe Zen Full Dry is an alpine rope that doubles as an everyday rope. Everything from the local sport climbing crag to winter climbing in Scotland this rope is suitable for all aspects of climbing.

Endurance Treatment

48 wire braid. The classic braiding-rope-coating development. It uses 42 threads. ENDURACE technology makes it more resistant to wear, reduces the retention of dust between the filaments and facilitates the sliding of the rope on the rock and carabiners .

This prolongs the life of the rope by more than 60%. (Fixe in-house abrasion testing studies have held up 300% longer than classic strings).

Endurance gives ropes a nicer feel, greater fluidity, and the ability to withstand 30% more abrasion cycles.

Full Dry Treatment

Extends the life of the rope while maintaining all the benefits in the most adverse conditions. Maximum protection against ice, moisture and dust, increasing the sliding capacity and abrasion resistance. All Fixe ropes that display the Full Dry seal comply with the UIAA Water Repellent requirements.

All ropes treated with FULL DRY absorb less than 5% of the rope’s weight in water. Recommended for practising mountaineering, ice climbing and for wet and dusty areas.


    • Diameter: 8.1mm
    • Rope type: (CE EN 892, UIAA): Half
    • Percentage of sheath: 37 %
    • Number of factor 1,77 falls: 9
    • Sheath slippage: 0mm
    • Static elongation: 8.5 %
    • Impact force: 5.7 kN
    • Material(s): Nylon
    • Weight per meter: 44g
    • Middle Marker: Yes