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Black Diamond Wired Hexentrics

Size: 1

The Black Diamond Wired Hexentrics are a range of timeless, simple, lightweight and versatile climbing protection. 

Introduced way back in 1971, the Black Diamond Wired Hexentrics have become a timeless form of pro, retaining their relevance as the most versatile inexpensive, functional protection available to climbers. Their unique hexagonal design allows a Hexentric to fit four different crack configurations and allows them to shine in rapidly widening cracks where cams might walk out. This means that a climbing hex has a comparable range to a similarly sized camming unit but is lighter and doesn't cost a king's ransom. Extremely easy to place a Hex can provide surprisingly reassuring placements in climbing terrain where other camming devices fall short.

With a subtly asymmetrical cross-section, flat sides and slight end-wise taper, they offer three different widths when turned on their axes and another when placed end-wise. Easy to rack and place in bottlenecks, Hexes come equipped with durable, galvanized steel cables.


  • Wide range of placements in all climbing conditions
  • 6061 T-6 aluminium with swaged cables


Number Colour Strength (kN) Weight (g)
1 Red 6 19
2 Yellow 6 22
3 Blue 6 28
4 Grey 10 51
5 Purple 10 53
6 Green 10 64
7 Red 10 86
8 Yellow 10 94
9 Blue 10 124
10 Grey 10 164
11 Purple 10 206