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Cairngorms Climbers' Guide (SMC)

The Cairngorms Climbers' Guide (SMC) is a definitive climbing guidebook from the Scottish Mountaineering Club. The Cairngorms all in one volume.

Part of the SMC’s brand new series of guides, Cairngorms Climbers' Guide (SMC) covers all the summer and winter climbing in the northern and southern Cairngorms area. The features include:

•Includes a number of the most popular and well-known climbing areas in the country.
•Fully comprehensive and up to date, covering both summer and winter climbs.
•Contains much new and updated information.
•Full colour throughout with photo-diagrams and action pictures.
•Written by climbers with an in-depth knowledge of the area.
•User friendly in a successful and well presented format.
•Page marker ribbon to ease the location of climbs.
•Covers the massive Cairngorms area in one guidebook.


  • Country: Scotland
  • ISBN13: 9780907521969
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 492
  • Page Size: 115mm x 195mm
  • Published Date: 2007
  • Publisher: SMC
  • Region: Scotland - Highlands
  • Manufacturer: SMC