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In Store Purchase By Appointment

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Wire Gate Carabiners

Wire gate carabiners are very similar to a solid or snap gate. They are mostly used for clipping your rope into your climbing gear on a route, and for racking gear on your harness. The advantages of a wire gate over a solid gate are reduced weight and are less likely to freeze in winter conditions.

Shop for wire gate carabiners from leading brands from our collection below...

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DMM Spectre £7.65 £8.99

DMM Phantom £8.95 £9.99

DMM WallDO £8.50 £9.99

Wild Country Helium 3.0 £11.90 £14.00

Edelrid Nineteen G £8.95 £10.00

Petzl ANGE L £13.05 £14.50

Petzl ANGE S £13.05 £14.50

Wild Country Astro £7.65 £9.00

DMM Alpha Wire £10.80 £13.50

DMM Revolver £25.50 £29.99

DMM Aether £11.50 £12.99